The reaction to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been somewhat muted, as it's changing a lot of what people expect from a FromSoftware action game. However, in this lengthy look at gameplay of the studio's new title, the game appears to still have some Souls DNA.

It's clear that the action is more fast-paced, and it looks as though you'll have lots of options at your disposal when in combat. The new death mechanic is shown here too, where instead of respawning at the last bonfire/lantern, you can resurrect yourself on the spot to get the jump on enemies. You won't be able to do this endlessly, so there is an element of strategic use.

We're definitely interested to see more of Sekiro in the run up to its release in March 2019. What do you think of FromSoftware's new game? Grapple hook your way to the comments below.