Well, we weren't expecting this. Old Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May took a detour to Amazon a few years ago, where they've been working on their own car show, The Grand Tour. Now, it seems there's a video game adaptation in development, imaginatively named The Grand Tour Game. Check out the announcement trailer above.

There's not a whole lot to say here really, as the video features the trio of hosts more than it does the actual game. What small glimpse we do get of gameplay footage looks rough, though it is pre-alpha footage. By the sound of it, the game will operate sort of like an interactive version of the TV show, featuring the cars and locations shown in the episodes. "The Grand Tour Game is the first and only playable TV show in which you get to play the actual scenes you’ve seen on screen. If they drive a cool car, you can too. If they go to an amazing location, you can too. Buy a Season Pass for The Grand Tour Game and every Friday during Season 3 when a new episode of the show arrives, you’ll get new vehicles and new tracks from that episode to play in the game."

Interesting. Is this a bombshell, or a terrible disappointment? Rev your engines in the comments below.

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