After making some incredible arcade shooters, Housemarque is moving forwards with a multiplayer focused experience called Stormdivers. The trailer above gives us our best look at the game yet, and it appears to be a battle royale game melded with the studio's penchant for sci-fi and futuristic settings.

As usual, you'll start a match by falling to the ground, but here it's via a drop pod. Your objective is to be the last one standing, but in Stormdivers, everyone's running around in souped up outfits that seem to grant special abilities. We're not sure if you'll need to scavenge for new weapons and equipment, but it seems that you'll have powers at your disposal, such as teleports, shields, invisibility, and more. Finally, the map closes in to a smaller and smaller point on the map to keep things interesting, and in this game, it's a literal storm you'll need to avoid.

It doesn't look too bad at all, and we know that there's real talent at Housemarque. We'll have to wait and see if the developer can pull it off.

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