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Hot on the heels of Capcom’s complete Claire Redfield blowout this week, new footage has emerged at Gamescom 2018 showing off her portion of Resident Evil 2’s campaign. In this first Dengeki Online video, the heroine comes face-to-face with Sherry Birkin and her father – although fans of the original will know that the latter ain’t feeling particularly great in this instalment.

The gameplay looks solid, although the player not recognising the glaring weak point on the enemy’s arm is a little infuriating. There are also elements of the HUD and soundtrack missing, so we guess they’re not final.

Meanwhile this second clip from IGN centres on similar scenes, although it includes commentary from producer Tsuyoshi Kanda:

This game is surprisingly close now, with the release date set for 25th January. Are you liking what you’re seeing so far? What do you think of Claire’s character model? Shoot the big eye in the comments section below.

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