Monster Hunter World Ps4 Sales

The runaway success of Monster Hunter: World outside of Japan has naturally caught Capcom's eye, with the company now saying that future games in the series will attempt to build upon the franchise's newfound popularity.

Speaking to Game Industry, Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner says that with the launch of World earlier in the year, Monster Hunter was "almost a new IP in some markets". Indeed, the series has been massive in Japan for a long time, but without a doubt, World marks Monster Hunter's first truly significant step onto the global stage.

"Even in some of our more mature European markets, it is still fairly unknown. It has obviously done really well," Turner continues. "Now the goal is to push on and make it more of a success in the West with the next iterations."

It's an unsurprising reaction from Capcom, and it's a stance that other Japanese publishers are taking with regards to localising their properties here in the West. Of course, the continued dominance of the PlayStation 4 on a global scale plays a big part in all of this.

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