The Elder Scrolls Legends Sony Cross Play Ps4

And so this story about The Elder Scrolls Legends and cross-play rumbles on. Last week, Bethesda bigwig Pete Hines said in an interview that the virtual card game may not come to PlayStation 4 if Sony doesn't allow cross-play. And now, speaking to Eurogamer, Hines reiterates that cross-play is "absolutely critical" to The Elder Scrolls Legends.

"Both cross-play, which is how Legends works right now on every device - you're playing against somebody who could be on any device - and, more importantly, cross-platform progression, which means no matter what you do on any platform, you load up the game and so long as you're logged in, here is all your progression, here is everything you had, everything you were doing," he explains.

Hines previously indicated that there isn't much room for negotiation here. If Sony, or any other console manufacturer, won't allow cross-play, then Bethesda won't launch the game on that platform. However, Hines goes on to say that Bethesda is "always" in conversation with Sony about cross-play. 

"But in fairness not just with Sony - with everybody. We need everybody to be on board and understand - Nintendo, Microsoft - this is how we're proceeding. I don't want anybody to think I'm trying to single Sony out because I'm not," Hines clarifies.

So with all of that said, what would really happen if Sony didn't budge on its current cross-play stance? "I imagine the answer is fairly dire," Hines says. "But I don't want to jump to conclusions yet because there's a lot of space between 'yes' and 'no'. What if they so 'no' to this but 'yes' to this?"

Perhaps there is some potential middle ground, then, but it's going to be very interesting seeing just how far Bethesda is willing to push this. After all, we're not sure whether The Elder Scrolls Legends has ever received so much attention from the media.