PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

Update: Amazon hasn't been having the best of luck with this limited edition console. After a technical issue the first day, yesterday's second batch went live earlier than it should've, meaning most people anticipating the 10am start were left empty handed. However, this morning, Amazon is allowing more pre-orders, again from 10am BST. If you're still looking to get the 500 Million PS4 Pro console, this third opportunity could be the charm.

Scalpers are already cashing in on their pre-orders of the PS4 Pro 500 Million system, which sold out almost immediately at various UK retailers. We're not sure whether Amazon sold out of its first allocation or not, but it seems that a technical problem caused the console's listing on the site to be taken down either way.


If you did miss out yesterday, you have one more chance today as Amazon UK will be releasing its pre-orders at 10am UK time today. If you're dying to get hold of one of these limited edition PS4 Pro consoles, this is probably your best bet. Click the link below and hammer F5 from 9.59am onwards.

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It's worth noting that those in the US will have to wait a little longer to put their orders in for this snazzy PS4 Pro -- Sony has said that pre-orders kick off on 24th August across the pond.

Are you trying to get hold of one of these popular consoles? Let us know with a comment below if you got lucky or not.