fallout 76 bounties

Fallout 76 is going to be an interesting release later this year, if only to see how Bethesda handles the inevitable chaos. In case you're out of the loop, Fallout 76 will feature a persistent online world, where the only human characters you meet will actually be other players. At the time of writing, there'll be no way to play alone -- the game's world will always be populated with other players.

So, in a game where you can stumble across other players at any time and murder them, what's going to stop people from turning Fallout 76 into a free-for-all battle royale? According to Bethesda, it's the title's bounty system that'll curb killing sprees.

If you kill another player in Fallout 76, you'll get a bounty on your head that other players will be able to see. Players who gun you down will then claim that bounty in the form of caps (in-game money), and supposedly, this will be enough to prevent the game from becoming your usual online shooter.

It's so hard not to be cynical, though, isn't it? Trying to keep players from being d*cks to one another in online games is almost impossible -- as proven by countless player-versus-player games over the years. We can't help but feel that Bethesda's being incredibly naive if it thinks that a bounty system will be enough to stop some players from running wild and killing everyone they come across.

What do you make of this? Does Bethesda have a potential disaster on its hands, or will it all work out in the end? Careful not a place a bounty on your own head in the comments section below.

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