It took one small screenshot of Shenmue in EDGE magazine to sell 11-year-old Sammy on the Dreamcast, and it still holds up today. Okay, so this trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Shenmue I & II looks like it’s stepped out of the early 2000s – but it was a handsome title back then, and it remains so today. The character and environmental art is very appealing, even if it’s obviously dated by 2018 standards.

As we reported earlier, the two titles will release on one Blu-ray from 20th August in North America and 21st August in Europe. Those of you with an active PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to save if you purchase digitally, but there’s reversible cover art and a poster up for grabs for those of you who pick up the physical edition. Are you planning to revisit these classics – or will you be playing for the first ever time?