Shawn Layden may be the “suit” you see on stage at E3, but the executive has a 30 year history with PlayStation, spanning multiple roles across various different continents. The current Worldwide Studios chairman previously spent time as the head of SIEJ, and also worked in London for a while as well.

It means that the occasionally unpolished public speaker knows PlayStation like the back of his hand, and so the opportunity to see him speak with fellow veteran Mark Cerny is one that’s difficult to pass up. Fortunately, the executive was in attendance at GameLab in Barcelona recently, and the full talk has been shared online.

In it, Layden details his career to date, and also looks back on some of Sony’s highs and lows during his tenure. It’s a frank and honest discussion which is well worth watching if you have 40 or so minutes to spare, and it offers a lot of insight into the corporate culture at PlayStation and also a career which has taken Shawn all over the world.