Who says games don't innovate anymore? Breakfall, the indie studio behind the insane party game Starwhal, is back with another crazy premise, and it honestly looks excellent. It's called Pizza Titan Ultra, and you can see it in action in the above trailer.

Essentially, the game has you delivering pizza in a futuristic city via a giant mech with a pizzeria in its chest. What's more, the city is destructible, meaning you're not only racing the clock to deliver hot slices of Hawaiian on time, but you'll also have to watch you don't destroy everything along the way. Your robot is customisable, and story missions add bonus objectives to keep you on your toes.

There are lots more details on the PlayStation Blog post, so give that a read if you're intrigued (and how can you not be?) by this bizarre game. It's heading to PS4 on 21st August 2018, and you can bet we're in for a slice of the action.

What do you think of Pizza Titan Ultra? Debate pineapple as a topping in the comments below.

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