Rockstar's highly anticipated spaghetti western action game, Red Dead Redemption 2, is due out on 26th October. For many, it's the biggest game of the year, and publishers have been running away with their tails between their legs, launching their titles earlier or later than initially planned, because they know Red Dead will be a sales juggernaut.

PAW Patrol: On a Roll couldn't care less about any of that. This cutesy platformer, based on the popular kid's TV show, releases on 23rd October in the US and on 26th October in Europe, so it's poised to do battle with Rockstar's sequel. The game is set to feature all eight pups from the show, alongside 16 adventures across Adventure Bay.

It's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to video games, but will PAW Patrol: On a Roll be able to chase down Red Dead Redemption 2? It's going to be a blood bath either way, but you have to admire the puppy platformer for its bravery. Which will you be buying in October? Wag your tails in the comments below.

[source trueachievements.com]