Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Season Pass 1

It has been four months since Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom released, and for most, the milestone means very little. A chance to reflect on what are most likely positive memories of a lovely JRPG experience, sure, but with the year's biggest hitters on the horizon, a look to the past may not be what most of you had in mind. However, for a select few, the date represents yet another sticking point for the game's most dedicated of followers in a battle for information against publisher Bandai Namco. Alongside the base game, a season pass priced at £15.99/$19.99 was sold alongside Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, and not a single bit of that promised content has been delivered upon or even detailed four months after release.

The PlayStation Store listing states that season pass purchasers will gain access to expansion packs as soon as they're available. "Explore new dungeons, get exclusive rewards, and enjoy a brand new story chapter with hours of additional gameplay at a discount."

The way this description is worded would suggest that multiple content drops are in the works, with side content such as new dungeons making up one piece of DLC, and another meatier piece of content taking the form of a story-based expansion. We're sure these downloads are still in the works, but to not have even the slightest idea of when they'll release is worrying at this point.

The recent 1.03 update that added new difficulty levels was the perfect opportunity for developer Level 5 to detail what fans can expect in terms of paid content alongside a free update for all players, but again, the matter wasn't spoken of. In fact, both Bandai Namco and Level 5 almost seem to be refusing to talk about the subject at all. Doing a quick search on Twitter brings up a steady stream of tweets from season pass purchasers aimed at the publisher that questions the whereabouts of any additional DLC, and not a single one of them has received a response. This is an interesting tactic from a Twitter page that regularly engages with the community if its US account is anything to go by.

Are you one of those few that feels shortchanged by this season pass that has failed to deliver on any of its promises? Expand on your thoughts in the comments below.