Sony’s clearly never going to get the long-rumoured Uncharted movie off the ground, so leave it to Canadian director Allan Ungar to stick a 15-minute fan film online. Clearly a plea from the Gridlocked director to get given the full project, this is a slick clip that sticks closely to the blueprints of Naughty Dog’s franchise; it’s camp, laced with one-liners, and backed by a historical mystery that adds context to the action.

Firefly star Nathan Fillion, who’s been linked with the role of Nathan Drake for a long time, is particularly good as the wise-cracking protagonist – although he looks far too old to be playing the part in the inevitable shootout sequence. Otherwise, this is a surprisingly neat production, and it’s more or less what we’d envision an Uncharted movie to look like. Of course, whether Sony’s impressed remains to be seen – copyright strikes incoming?

The company's been working on an Uncharted movie on-and-off for over a decade now, with scripts and directors recycled faster than MP40 clips. Most recently, Spider-Man star Tom Holland was linked with the role, presumably to play a younger version of Drake.