Kabounce may be a game you're unfamiliar with, but we rather liked it when we gave it a look for Indie Bin. Essentially a game of king of the hill with pinballs, its short matches and easy to grasp mechanics put it on a similar level to Rocket League in terms of moreish replayability. If you've yet to try it, now's the perfect opportunity, as the game is free to play from today through to Monday.

It's also just received a big update that brings a few extra bits and pieces to the game. A new arena, some summery customisation items, a bunch of new challenges, ranked play, and more come in the free update. What's more, it's even included in the PlayStation Store's Summer Sale, if you fancy picking it up.

Have you been playing Kabounce on PS4? Will you be giving it a shot during its free weekend? Don't tilt the table in the comments below.