Moonlighter PS4 PlayStation 4

Moonlighter is a lovely little game. Its blend of shopkeeping sim and roguelite dungeon crawling is a simple yet compelling joy, so news of free, major updates coming to the game this year is great.

Developer Digital Sun took to Steam to outline its plans for the game moving forward. This month, it'll be rolling out an update that adds over 50 new rooms to the four dungeons, tweaks the look of some items, and adds some extra tutorials for the shopkeeping side of things.

Moonlighter Update Roadmap PS4 PlayStation 4

Later in the year, Moonlighter is also getting a New Game + mode, new weapons and amulets, companions that will help you out as you explore dungeons, mini bosses, and lots more. It's not made clear exactly when everything will be arriving, but it seems that Moonlighter is set to change a fair bit over the coming months, and according to Digital Sun, even into 2019. Click here to read the full breakdown of the forthcoming updates.

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