Absolver PS4 PlayStation 4

The feisty online fighting game Absolver is one of July's PlayStation Plus titles. With the number of online players bolstered by Plus members, now seems like a great time to announce a major update, right? Developer Sloclap seems to think so.

This expansion is set to bring a raft of new stuff to the game when it launches in September. First and foremost is a new PvE game mode entitled Downfall, in which you enter a new underground area to fight off corrupted Prospects to earn Gleam. You can use Gleam to become more powerful for successive runs through the mines, and there are three new bosses to challenge.

There's also a brand new fighting style to try out too. "Inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do, the Faejin Combat Style blends defense and offense with percussive strikes and fluid power. The new approach is a complex style for experienced Absolvers, featuring different defensive abilities that depend on both input and stances. Faejin will feature 26 attacks for bare hands and wargloves, alongside 15 sword attacks."

The Downfall update will also bring new equipment and new School challenges that offer up a new way for Schools to interact and compete with each other. It sounds like a very hefty update for Absolver fans new and old. Are you enjoying Absolver? Will you be playing this update come September? Don't start a fight in the comments below.

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