Guacamelee! was a wonderfully pleasant surprise when it first launched five years ago, and has become something of a cult hit in the metroidvania genre. We already knew a sequel was on the way, but it came with an extremely vague "coming soon-ish" time frame. However, Drinkbox Studios has now announced a release date, and it really is coming soon-ish -- Guacamelee! 2 launches 21st August 2018 worldwide.

The above trailer is brief, but it features some new footage, and the game looks like it has all the tricky platforming, satisfying combat, and fascination with chickens that we know and love. The PlayStation Blog has some more details, including the increased emphasis on Juan's chicken form, new combat tutor characters, and an even bigger game world than before. It sounds great, and we're very much looking forward to playing it for ourselves.

Will you be getting reacquainted with Juan next month? Don a luchador mask in the comments below.