Warframe continues to show the industry what free-to-play games can be given enough time and effort, with developer Digital Extremes dishing out a ton of new details on upcoming content at TennoCon 2018. And yes, for those who don't know, TennoCon is an official, annual Warframe convention. Mental.

Anyway, players can look forward to a massive expansion later this year in the form of Fotuna, which is set to add a brand new open world area to the release. You can fill your eyes via the gameplay demo that we've embedded above. Looks lovely.

The studio has even more ambitious plans in place following the launch of Fortuna. At some point after the expansion's release, a new game mode titled Railjack will see you and a crew of up to four other players manage your own spaceship and wreak havoc in the skies. There are dogfights and you're able to board enemy vessels. You can get a look at all that in the video below. 

Sounds promising, doesn't it? Are you a fan of Warframe? How often do you play? Run across some walls in the comments section below.

[source eurogamer.net]