You’ve got to love how Ubisoft has started going bananas with add-on packs for its biggest hits. The French publisher appears to be having a whole lot of fun with expansions like Lost on Mars, a new DLC episode for Far Cry 5 due out on 17th July. It’s the second of three premium content drops, after the previous one whisked fans away to Vietnam with unremarkable results.

As the title suggests, there’s an extraterrestrial theme to this new add-on, with Hope County resident Nick Rye transported to Mars to thwart an alien invasion. As you’d expect, there’ll be fresh weaponry, as well as Space Jets for traversal across the dusty red planet. The new firearms will be made available for use in the main game, while all of the assets will be unlocked in Far Cry Arcade.

Oh, and if you want to see how batcrap crazy this all is, check out the trailer embedded above.