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Everyone's favourite industry analyst Michael Pachter reckons Death Stranding, the PlayStation 4 exclusive from Hideo Kojima, will end up being a cross-gen title. In other words, it'll arrive on both PS4 and the inevitable PS5.

"My bias is that [Sony] will also launch [PS5] in 2020, so no reason to announce any current generation exclusives other than the ones announced so far. Death Stranding will likely be a cross-generation title," The Pach told GamingBolt.

Indeed, the safest bet for PS5's release year seems to be 2020. Taking Death Stranding's development into account, it's not unreasonable to assume that Kojima's project could launch on both systems by the time it's finished.

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Cross-gen games are bound to become a talking point once the PS5 is actually announced. It's safe to say that most PlayStation fans are hoping for, or perhaps even expecting, backwards compatibility to be a core function of the PS5, allowing it to play PS4 games right off the bat. How that might play into the cross-gen discussion should be an interesting detail to observe over the next few years.

What do you think of this, anyway? Will Death Stranding end up on PS5 as well as PS4? Walk across a barren but beautiful landscape in the comments section below.