code vein delay.jpg

Uh oh, here we go.

Those of you who have looked at a release schedule lately may have noticed that the latter half of 2018 is absolutely packed. Seriously, it's fit to burst with games -- September and October are especially stuffed.

And with busy schedules come delays. The first casualty of this war for your hard earned dosh is Code Vein -- Bandai Namco's action role-playing title that was originally set to launch on the 28th September.

The publisher has officially announced the delay, stating that Code Vein will now launch in 2019. "Throughout its pre-release promotion campaign, Code Vein has consistently garnered positive reactions from both media and consumers alike. With this knowledge in-hand, Bandai Namco Inc. has made the decision to dedicate additional time to further develop Code Vein; ensuring the final product delivers on the expectations set amongst media and fans," reads the press release.

If we're honest, it's probably a good idea to push Code Vein into next year. We doubt that it'll be a mega hit anyway, but launching in late September is practically suicide at this point -- it was bound to get buried and largely forgotten.

Can you see more games getting delayed into next year as we march further into 2018? Place your bets in the comments section below.