It's always a pleasant surprise when you go to make a daily check on Exophase and end up uncovering a new Trophy list for a game that hasn't even been announced for the PlayStation 4 yet. Battle Chef Brigade, a game that made its way to Nintendo Switch and PC in late 2017, is described as a game that blends cooking mechanics with the RPG genre, and it's coming to PS4 soon.

Our sister site, Nintendo Life, called the title a rarity: "Everything about it is fresh and original, from its story to the handrawn graphics to the brilliant voice acting. The combination of fast-paced action, RPG-style gear collecting and puzzle elements wrapped into a game about cooking is something that sounds absurd but works incredibly well."

With the Trophy list making its way online now, tradition would suggest that an imminent release date isn't far off. The lack of a Platinum Trophy is a slight disappointment, however. Are you interested in this potentially impressive broth? Share your recipes in the comments below.