We have a running joke in Push Square Towers referring to games that are up this author’s alley, and Another Sight is one of those. The forthcoming Sammy Game™ seems somewhat inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as protagonist Kit slips into a different dimension when construction of the London Underground goes awry. Blinded and accompanied only by her cat Hodge, she finds herself in a world inhabited by the world’s greatest inventors and artistic minds such as Claude Monet and Nikola Tesla.

“A tale of warmth and intrigue is woven throughout the adventure, touching on trust, companionship and losing what we take for granted,” the press release reads. “Innovative gameplay and a story of heart is galvanized by a soundscape given life to by a symphonic orchestra to accent memorable moments between Kit, Hodge and the journey they’re on.” There’s no real confirmation on what the game actually is yet, but the premise is intriguing enough to drive our interest.

The title’s due out this year on the PlayStation 4.