digimon survive 1.jpg

Hooray for Digimon and our childhood nostalgia! Although the PlayStation 4's actually had its fair share of Digimon games thus far, we won't say no to another one, especially after the success of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and its sequel.

Recently revealed in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump, Digimon Survive is a "survival simulation role-playing game", in which you become stranded in a dangerous digital world. In order to make it out alive, you'll have to count on the help of your monstrous buddies.

Apparently, choices that you make throughout the game will shape how your digimon digivolve while also altering the events of the story. In terms of the combat system, it sounds somewhat tactical. You'll be able to position your 'mon on the battlefield and carefully decide when to use up resources in order to get the better of your enemies. Oh, and it's got a lovely art style.

Digimon Survive is set to release in Japan at some point in 2019, and we're sure it'll have a good shot at launching here in the West, too. Are you up for more Digimon? Form a small digital monster army in the comments section below.

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