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Yes, readers – E3 2018 is very much around the corner. The social media teasing never ends, and now it’s the turn of Warner Bros to take to Twitter with vague promises. The short video clip shows what appears to be some kind of racing game, but we reckon this may be a bait-and-switch and actually related to the recently hinted Hitman news.

As announced earlier in the year, Warner Bros and IO Interactive are now partners, with the former publishing the latter's games. The font in the short snippet looks very similar to that used in the Hitman games, and an F1 race track would be the perfect destination for Agent 47 to assassinate some unfortunate targets, don’t you think?

Of course, it could just as easily be a new racing game – but we’re going to be disappointed if this doesn’t turn out to be new Hitman content now.

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