Starhawk Servers 1

For the few of you out there still playing an online multiplayer game on the PlayStation 3, your hours are numbered when it comes to accessing the online portion of Starhawk. The 2012 follow-up to Warhawk is set to have its servers turned off at the end of play today, as noted in its PlayStation Store description.

Starhawk Servers 2

As noted in our review way back when, multiplayer was most definitely the focus of the title, with a single player campaign that did little more than introduce you to the mechanics and features you'd be interacting with online. With that portion now gone, we can't imagine anyone giving Starhawk a worthy recommendation in 2018.

Furthermore, this shutdown was actually noticed over on PlayStation Trophies via a two page forum thread, but only now on its final day of existence has word really gotten out about Starhawk's impending death. A true testament to how active its online community has been lately. In other words, it's just as dead as the game is very soon to be.