Team Sonic Racing PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It’s not a popular opinion, but Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was up there with Mario Kart in our eyes – and just a pointed snout behind Crash Team Racing, which is still gaming’s greatest ever kart racer, of course. Team Sonic Racing comes with credentials, then – even if it is lacking the sickly sweet fanservice that made its predecessor such a joy.

The twist here is the way that the title plays, because this isn’t your bog-standard sprint to the finish line – as its name implies. Instead, you’ll be cast as one of 15 characters in 12-player races whereby you’ll work in squads. If it sounds familiar then it probably should – we literally just reviewed Onrush, which is also a team-based affair.

Groups will be scored as a collective, and you’ll need to collaborate if you hope to fare well. Zipping past your teammates will give them a speed boost, while you can share items between you. Got no use for that turbo that you just collected? Then give it to one of your allies at the back of the pack and help them to move further up the field.

You’ll all be working together to increase your Ultimate bar, which when filled will award your team with a turbo boost. It’s a shame that the ridiculous fanservice is all but out, but if developer Sumo Digital can make good on its team-based promise and nail the crucial handling, then Team Sonic Racing will surely find its audience – especially on a console where arcade racers are in short supply.