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Bandai Namco has repeatedly stated that SoulCalibur VI will launch this year, but it's now June and we still don't have a confirmed release date. With the latter half of 2018 looking seriously busy, we've been starting to wonder whether the weapon-based fighter will actually make it to store shelves within the next six months.

And now there's a reason to believe that the title won't hit its initial 2018 target. According to several reports that we've received over the last 24 hours, online retailer Amazon is telling customers who have preordered the game that it's now scheduled for delivery on the 8th January, 2019. This would suggest that the title has been pushed into next year.

Until Bandai Namco says something this obviously isn't official and will remain a rumour, but delays are often discovered early through retailers like Amazon. Similarly, this could just be a placeholder date, but it's worth mentioning that the 8th January does fall on a Tuesday -- the day typically associated with most game releases.

Would you be happy with SoulCalibur VI launching next year, or do you want it sooner? Try not to remember the Tekken 7 delays in the comments section below.

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