When Does E3 2018 Start?

When does E3 2018 start? It’s probably the question you’re asking as the summer approaches, right? Otherwise known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 is undoubtedly the biggest date in the gaming calendar, as platform holders and publishers descend on Los Angeles to show off their latest and greatest games. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s show.

When does E3 2018 start?

E3 2018 starts on 12th June, 2018 and will run through 14th June, 2018. However, it’s worth mentioning that these dates only apply to the showfloor itself. Press conferences are scheduled to begin as early as 10th June, so you can expect a bunch of news to seep out before the event even begins in earnest.

Want to know when you should be tuning in? Here are some guides for all E3 2018 press conferences.

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What is E3 2018?

E3 2018 is the latest annual instalment of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Organised by an American body known as the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the event is designed to showcase the latest and greatest in gaming, from platform holders like Sony as well as third-party publishers, accessories manufacturers, and more. It’s an opportunity for press to get hands on time with titles prior to release, as well as for companies to meet with retailers and arrange marketing partnerships and other boring business-based stuff.

What does E3 stand for?

E3 is shorthand for the convention's full name, which is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. There are three Es, y'see!

Where will E3 2018 take place?

E3 2018 will primarily be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown LA, but various press conferences and other supplementary events may take place in surrounding venues.

Can I go to E3 2018?

Historically, E3 was only open to the press and trade, but last year the ESA opened the event up to the public. Those who were quick could snag a three day pass for $149, but that offer has since expired. If you want to go to E3 2018 now, you’ll need to pay the full-price of $249. You can learn more about all of that through here.