Devil May Cry 5 Everything We Know So Far PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Capcom officially revealed Devil May Cry 5 during Microsoft's press conference at E3 2018. Series director Hideaki Itsuno, who is responsible for 2, 3, and 4, returns to the helm after temporarily departing the position during development of Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 5 once again features Nero as the protagonist, though Dante did make an appearance right at the end of the official trailer. We saw a bunch of different characters, the signature hack and slash combat, and Dante's luscious grey locks.

In this guide, we'll detail everything we know about Devil May Cry 5 so far, including platforms, the release date, and the plot. We'll update this as we learn more, so keep checking back and use it as a base to speculate with your fellow crazy fans.

What is Devil May Cry 5?

Devil May Cry 5 is the latest entry in Capcom's smash hit hack and slash franchise, and a direct follow up to 2008's Devil May Cry 4. You once again play as Nero, who's lost his arm in an unknown incident, and is battling his way through Red Grave City for some reason.

He also has a sidekick called Nico, who's a snarky weapon crafter that helps him out on his journey. It seems she created his artificial arm, and is the grand daughter of Nell Goldstein, a famous gunsmith.

The signature hack and slash gameplay is also back, alongside a bunch of new and returning weapons.

When will Devil May Cry 5 release, and on which platforms?

Devil May Cry 5 will launch in Spring 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What is Devil May Cry 5 about?

Devil May Cry 5 is a direct follow-up to Devil May Cry 4, and takes place in Red Grave City, where a giant tree suddenly appeared and began attacking the citizens. Presumably to feed itself, as its roots have the ability to suck blood.

Who is Nero?

Nero is a Demon Hunter, the protagonist of Devil May Cry 4, and Dante's nephew.

He returns as the hero in Devil May Cry 5, and travels to Red Grave City to save the day. He no longer has his powers due to losing his arm (AKA the Devil Trigger) in an unknown incident, but he does have his Red Queen sword and Blue Rose shotgun.

His new artificial anti-demon arm, the Devil Breaker, serves as a replacement, and was crafted by his partner Nico.

Who is Nico?

Nico describes herself as a "weapons artist", and is the granddaughter of the famous gunsmith Nell Goldstein.

Nico crafted Nero's new anti-demon arm, the Devil Breaker, and is incredibly proud of her work.

How will Devil May Cry 5 play?

Devil May Cry 5 features that action-packed intense hack and slash gameplay that you fell in love with back in the day. It promises to be faster than ever before, and will ramp up in intensity alongside the story. That could be marketing spiel though.

The new Devil Breaker weapon lets you grab and pull enemies towards you so you can get stuck in at melee range even faster, and is great for maintaining a continuous combo. Alongside that, you've got your signature sword and gun weapons, the Red Queen and Blue Rose.

It's developed in the new RE Engine, responsible for the excellent Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and will reportedly run in 60 frames per second.

Will Dante return in Devil May Cry 5?

Yes – though we're not sure in what capacity. We saw a glimpse of his bearded little face at the end of the trailer, and he does feature on the front cover alongside Nero.

Will Devil May Cry 5 be PS4 Pro Enhanced?

Capcom hasn't announced one way or the other whether Devil May Cry 5 will feature PS4 Pro Enhancements.

However, Resident Evil 7 did feature PS4 Pro Enhancements, and considering this is built in the same engine, it's a safe bet to assume the same can be said of this one.

What did you think of the Devil May Cry 5 trailer? Are you happy to see the return of Nero and Dante? Let us know all about it in the comments below.