Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 1

EA finally revealed Battlefield V at its press conference during E3 2018, and it's pretty much as you expected it. It takes place during World War 2, features one of those crazy popular Battle Royale modes, and a bunch of systems have been tweaked to emphasise team play.

In this guide we'll run you through everything we know about Battlefield V so far, including the release date, new features, and what that Battle Royale mode is all about. We'll update this as we learn more information, so keep checking back. Feel free to use the comments section for speculation and discussion. Go crazy!

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Battlefield V - What It Is

Battlefield V is the latest entry in EA's massive multiplayer shooter franchise, which returns to the World War 2 setting of the very first entry.

There'll be an epic single player campaign to battle your way through, the multiplayer modes you've come to expect, and a brand new Battle Royale mode.

EA has also announced a bunch of tweaks and revisions to a number of core systems that will serve to make the game more focused on team play.

Battlefield V - What's Changed

Actually, quite a bit! Most of the changes seem to revolve around making Battlefield V the definitive team-focused multiplayer shooter and bringing it in line with the serious competition Fortnite and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds have brought to the table since Battlefield 1. Let's dig into the biggest changes.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 2


While Battlefield V isn't quite going full Fortnite, it will incorporate some of the fort building we've grown to love. It will be limited compared to its inspiration though, as you can only build fortifications at objective points – not anywhere.

This makes sense, as Battlefield's multiplayer modes will still focus on capturing a set number of objectives. Given that's where most battles will take place, it makes sense for defenders to be able to fortify their position as they repel invaders.

Battle Royale

Little is known about this mode right now, but we know that Battlefield V will get a Battle Royale mode after launch. This is actually quite a good fit for Battlefield though. It's already got the vehicles, destructive environments, and equipment necessary to make a great Battle Royale shooter.

Grand Operations

Battlefield 1's Operations will return in Battlefield V as 'Grand Operations'. As before, these are mega multiplayer battles that will take place over three or four matches and vary up the modes in between.

Four Player Co-Op

Co-op is returning to Battlefield in the upcoming instalment thanks to a new mode known as 'Combined Arms'. Missions in this mode will be procedurally-generated – or, in other words, completely random – and you can take them on with up to three other players.

Anyone Can Revive

This is a pretty big change that won't seem like a big deal to Fortnite players, but now anyone can revive their squad mates – this ability won't be locked to just Medics now.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 3


You can now tow stationary guns in vehicles, and fire them as you drive. That should put a spanner in the works.

Improved Animations

Battlefield V will see vastly improved animations across the board. Two particularly noteworthy improvements include the ability to go prone on your back (just like soldiers do in ditches in the movies) and actual animations when you turn while prone.

Battlefield V - Release Date And Platforms

Battlefield V will launch on October 19, 2018 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Battlefield V - Gameplay

Battlefield V is a first person shooter in which you battle across enormous maps as you strive to capture and hold objectives. There's a wide variety of land, air, and sea vehicles that you can use to gain the upper hand against your opponents and navigate the huge open spaces with ease.

There's also a greater focus on team play than in other shooters like Call of Duty: WWII. You can revive and heal downed players, drop ammo containers, and place traps – among many more team-oriented abilities.

Single player also plays a big part of Battlefield, and this entry appears no different. Though EA hasn't announced any details just yet, but if it follows the formula of Battlefield 1 then you can expect to play through a bunch of shorter stories set in World War 2.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 4

Battlefield V - Multiplayer

Battlefield V will have five standard multiplayer Battlefield modes, and a whopping three brand new ones. Let's go through these in more detail:


Conquest is the definitive Battlefield multiplayer mode. There are a bunch of different objectives on an enormous map, and you have to capture and hold these positions to earn points. Earn 1,000 points and you win the match.

You'll earn points faster the more positions you hold at a particular time, and you can also earn points from killing enemies.

Battlefield V will enliven this game mode by introducing the ability to build and rebuild fortifications at each objective, helping the defender to maintain hold of their position.


In Rush, one team will play the role of attacker and the other as defender. Attackers have to destroy a set number of objectives that defenders have to defend. If an attacker dies, they'll lose a ticket. If the team loses all of their tickets before destroying the objectives, they'll lose the match.

Defenders, on the other hand, simply have to hold onto their positions for as long as it takes to repel the attacking team. If it's possible to build fortifications in this mode, it should prove even more exciting than before.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 5

War Pigeons

It's possible that War Pigeons will receive a new name in Battlefield V, if the mode returns altogether, but it's basically the Battlefield version of Capture the Flag. You have to find and capture a pigeon, then hold onto it until the pigeon flies off. At this point, a massive barrage of missiles will hit the map and you can capture a new pigeon. Capture three before the other team to win.

Team Deathmatch

Two teams compete against the clock to get more kills than the other. The team with the most kills at the end, wins. Simple stuff.


Domination is a smaller scale, faster version of Conquest. There are less objectives, and you only need to get to 100 points to win.

New Mode - Grand Operations

Grand Operations replaces Operations, and is the biggest multiplayer mode in Battlefield V. It takes place across three or four matches, supports up to 64 player battles, and will take about an hour to complete. It will also feature a narrative that plays out as you win or lose matches.

The interesting aspect of this mode, is in how you gain and lose resources. At the beginning of a battle you can choose to push on and kill a few opponents with your limited resources, or scour the area for more ammo and equipment.

If you win the battle, you'll have more resources that your opponent in the next match. You'll duke it out in three battles, but if you draw on the final day, you'll enter a fourth day that features sudden death. If you die, you won't respawn so you'll have to rely on getting revived by teammates.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 6

New Mode - Combined Arms

Combined Arms is a brand new mode that brings cooperative play to Battlefield. You'll play as part of a squad of up to four players, and take on a variety of randomly generated missions. Apparently this mode is designed to ease new players into the rhythm of Battlefield's multiplayer, giving them the chance to learn the rules in a safer setting.

New Mode - Battle Royale

Little is known about Battlefield's new Battle Royale mode at this point, as EA hasn't revealed the specifics of it yet. We only know that it will launch after the game as an update.

Battlefield V - Story And Setting

Battlefield V takes place in Europe at the beginning of World War 2, and will reportedly tell the entire story of the tragic war over the course of its lifetime. This ties into EA's plans to keep supporting the game post-launch, with new maps and modes that centre on later battles.

Battlefield V - Premium Pass And DLC

Here's some excellent news – EA will no longer charge you for extra content. There won't be a premium pass this time around, which means that everything that gets released post-launch will be completely free.

Battlefield V - PS4 Pro Enhancements

EA hasn't announced its plans for PS4 Pro enhancements just yet, but given Battlefield 1's form in this area we'd be very surprised if there was no support for it.

Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far Guide 7

Are you stoked for Battlefield V? Do you think EA and DICE will nail the Battle Royale format? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.