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In a rather open interview with Italian site Multiplayer -- as translated by Kingdom Hearts Insider -- Square Enix game director and artist Tetsuya Nomura admits that both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III were announced "too early".

"I am well aware of the fact that we announced it too early, but even in the industry, word was beginning to spread that we were working on the game, so we just decided not to keep it more secret and officially reveal it," explains Nomura. In other words, the company wanted to make its projects official before they were leaked.

We suppose that's fair, but at the same time, the tactic has undoubtedly had a negative impact of its own. "In our case, we receive pressure from the fans even when we do not announce anything. They’re always asking us ‘are you working on this?’ or ‘why don’t you make a sequel for that?" Nomura says, alluding to the near constant requests from fans to see something -- anything -- of titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Again, we can see where Nomura is coming from, but ultimately, we feel like you can't just reveal something as huge as a remake of Final Fantasy VII and then let the whole thing go dark for two or three years. What do you expect eager fans to do, exactly? People on the internet barely have any patience to begin with.

So what do you make of this? Does Nomura have a point, or has Square Enix simply dropped the ball? Feed us some honest opinions in the comments section below.

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