Fake Kaz Hirai @KazHiraiCEO PS4 PlayStation 4

Like many of you, we here at Push Square Towers are deeply saddened by the end of one of the best satirical Twitter accounts, @KazHiraiCEO. Posing as the then-CEO of Sony, the account would post hilarious, witty, and at times biting commentary about the games industry, and it'll be sorely missed. It remained highly topical and consistently funny right to the end, covering major gaming events like E3 as well as relevant news through the years, such as the Great PSN Outage of 2011. To commemorate the loss of one of Twitter's true triumphs, here's a selection of some of our favourite tweets.

And there you have it: our pick of fake Kaz's finest. Will you miss @KazHiraiCEO in your Twitter feed? Share some of your favourites in the comments below.

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