Skate 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There was a big, skateboard-shaped hole in EA’s big E3 2018 press conference today: where was Skate 4? Expectations, as they so often are, were raised to astronomical levels earlier this week when the publisher unceremoniously re-enabled Skate 3’s servers on last-gen consoles. Many, perhaps not unreasonably, assumed that it signalled some kind of sequel announcement.

But here we are, having sat through a disastrous Command & Conquer demonstration, with no new Skate to show for it. The publisher’s yet to comment on the omission, or indeed what the future holds for a franchise that’s not-so quietly been growing in popularity in recent years. Honestly, we could settle for a high-quality new Skate game – c’mon EA, it’s not like you’re making much else!