Unravel 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

A quick note for those of you planning to pick up Unravel Two, which was announced and released hours ago: there’s no online co-op. Despite the game having a big multiplayer focus, it can currently only be played in local multiplayer. There is, obviously, a single player option as well.

This means that you’re going to have to sit in the same room as someone else if you plan to play through in co-op. Look, we know it’s a hardship having to actually interact with others, but seeing as developer Coldwood Interactive billed this sequel as being all about personal bonds, it makes sense.

Update (00:45PM BST): As pointed out in the comments, while there's no native online co-op in Unravel Two, it is possible to play online with friends using PS4's underrated Share Play feature. This is a perfect instance of the forgotten feature being invaluable.

[source ea.com]