Sony Press Conference Gamescom TGS Paris Games Week 1

E3 2018 is almost over, so attention is slowly turning to future events and potential press conference venues later in the year. Once upon a time, Sony was a big player at Gamescom, but it hasn’t used the German convention to announce new games in a long time. It did host a briefing at Paris Games Week last year, but that came at the expense of its own PlayStation Experience. So what’s it got cooking for the rest of the year?

“In terms of the events this year, we haven’t decided on anything after E3 2018 as yet,” Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Jagat Review. “Well, actually we’ll be at the Tokyo Game Show, so that’s one. As for the other opportunities, we’re not ready to talk about [them].”

Our guess is that you probably won’t hear a peep from PlayStation until PSX 2018, and even that hasn’t been announced yet. We just think the company’s been biting off a little more than it can chew in the past couple of years, so it might be time for it to step back and take stock of the situation. Whatever the case, we’ll find out soon: worryingly, Gamescom is only about eight weeks away.