Those of you who played the original Resident Evil 2 all the way back in 1998 will remember that there were two unique storylines for you to tackle from the perspective of two legendary characters: Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The pair will return in next year’s PlayStation 4 remake, and as in the original, you’ll be able to explore the story through the eyes of each star. (Pun not intended.)

“Both characters will be playable through separate storylines, each bringing with them a unique perspective on the game’s events as their paths intertwine to tell the complete tale of Resident Evil 2, including familiar faces and story elements and extra modes from the original 1998 release,” Capcom’s Kellen Haney wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

The game’s being remade on Capcom’s new RE Engine, the same as Devil May Cry 5. While it’s obviously all based on the original PSone game, veterans should expect to encounter some twists. “While many of the locations may look similar in design to the one in the original game, this museum-turned-police station is full of surprises for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.”

And perhaps the biggest change is that the remake will adopt an over-the-shoulder camera perspective, as opposed to the fixed angles of the original. We’re fascinated by this game, and it’s honestly not that far off: it launches on 25th January. Will you be returning to Raccoon City? Watch out for Lickers in the comments section below.