RAGE 2 PS4 PlayStation 4

RAGE 2, unlike its predecessor, won't contain any multiplayer modes when it arrives next year. The original RAGE had co-op and a vehicular combat mode, but developers id Software and Avalanche Studios are putting all their effort into a solo experience.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Magnus Nedfors, a designer at Avalanche, said, "We're just focussed on the best open world single player game that we can make. I personally really believe you can make single player games really fantastic, so that's what we're focussed on."

With Avalanche on board, it's not a huge surprise that multiplayer is absent -- the developer has yet to implement multiplayer in any of its games. Still, with both teams collaborating on just single player, we should end up with a very robust shooter. Here's hoping.

Are you pleased to see RAGE 2 go solo, or were you hoping for some multiplayer? Don't get yourself in a rage in the comments below.

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