4A Games gave the world its first glimpse of its newest game, Metro: Exodus, at Microsoft's E3 conference last year, so it was no surprise to see Artyom and his wonderfully bleak Russian wasteland grace the stage again. Rather than a more structured , guided demo, we instead got a variety of brief snippets of combat scenarios and environments. The game is shaping up to be something special, as it continues to look visually remarkable, and the newfound variety of combat encounters look incredibly promising.

In addition, the action-packed, incredible trailer gave us a release date.The release being offered is February 22nd, which if we were to bet, is going to change. That day is terrifyingly packed now, with Bioware's Anthem, and Sony Bend's Days Gone slated for that day as well. Something's gotta give. But start looking out for a lot more about the new Metro title as we approach it's release, as this is one to keep tabs on.

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