At the start of this Spider-Man developer panel, featuring several Insomniac staffers and Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, we saw a ridiculously unsubtle hint about a character that we may well see in the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

Silver Sable

Silver Sable is a mercenary that resides in the fictional European country named Symkaria, the location that appears on Bryan Intihar's shirt. She's a Marvel character that has appeared in numerous comics working alongside a wide range of heroes -- most notably, Spider-Man. It's unclear at this point whether she will be an ally or an enemy of Spidey in the new game, but it's an interesting addition to the roster nontheless, and will definitely please the more hardcore Marvel fans out there. Even if you've not heard of her before, the fact that a relatively obscure character is being talked about is telling of Insomniac's passion for the fiction and the game it's making.

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