Appearing on Sony's post-conference livestream, Remedy Entertainment showed off a little more of its new PS4 game, Control. We got to see a pretty cool trailer for the game during Sony's presser, but the above video contains a brief look at gameplay, and it's looking rather interesting indeed.

You play as Jesse Faden who, on the trail of a series of mysterious events, enters a strange building called the Oldest House, the headquarters of a secretive government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control. An alien force known as the Hiss invades as Jesse arrives, and in the madness, the leader of the FBC is killed, and our heroine is made the new Director. Part of the deal is the ability to wield the Service Weapon, which is the transformable gun we see in the trailer.

This weapon can swap between different settings; it can be a pistol, but also a shotgun, or other weapon types that you'll earn through the game. Along with this, Jesse has supernatural abilities of her own, such as telekinesis. Combining these offensive powers, we see her working her way through what looks like a pretty dull office environment, but it quickly becomes quite abstract -- and the floating, lifeless bodies certainly create a bizarrely unsettling tone. It's looking really interesting, and we're definitely looking forward to learning more.