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A slow news day story to kickstart your Friday: Drake dropped his new album Scorpion overnight which includes a song named Final Fantasy and appears to sample the legendary video game franchise. Listen carefully to the first portion of the song and you’ll hear a harp, which seems to be lifted from Final Fantasy’s legendary prelude theme song.

The notes are placed in a different, less pleasing order – but the sounds definitely do appear to be taken from the classic Japanese role-playing brand. Of course, you’ll have to listen to the Canadian rapping about how he prefers his girls without foundation and likes to smear their lipstick. There’s also a second part to the song which samples American talk show Maury for some reason.

But yeah, there you have it: Final Fantasy on what’s sure to be one of the biggest records of the year. We know that Drake’s a big fan of gaming because he recently popped up on a record breaking Fortnite stream, so it’s no surprise that he’s familiar with Square Enix’s series. You can listen to the track on Spotify through here

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