The future's suddenly looking a lot brighter for Destiny 2 off the back of Bungie's latest livestream. Earlier, the developer outlined the big changes hitting its shooter this September, as the alterations are rolled out alongside the title's next expansion, Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Let's run through the core gameplay changes first. To start with, a new weapon type will be introduced: bows. Yeah, like bows and arrows. According to Bungie, they're "deadly".

On the topic of weapons, you'll soon be able to have full control over your loadout. In other words, you can mix and match weapon types however you want. Three shotguns? Fair enough. This change could potentially open up a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to more specialised play styles.

On top of that, nine new supers are being added. In the video we've embedded above, we get to see a few of them. Two-handed hammers for Titans, electric teleportation for Warlocks, and... Fiery knives for Hunters.

Then we've got an all-new mode titled Gambit. It takes two teams of players and tasks them with fending off waves of enemies on separate maps, but your own team's progress can impact the other team, and at certain points, a member of the opposing team can invade and try to ruin your chances. The team that takes out their designated boss enemy wins. Bungie says it's like a mix of PvE and PvP -- something Destiny's never really had before.

Forsaken will also include its own Raid, offer its own story, adventures, and quests, and it'll obviously add a load of new weapons and armour. All of this launches on the 4th September, adding to an already packed month for gaming.

And that's really the key points that Bungie has to share right now. Again, things are looking up for Destiny 2 if the studio can fulfil its promises, and with more updates in the pipeline -- adding things like random rolls and a revamped mod system -- the developer may finally get its sci-fi shooter back on track.

It's just a shame that, much like the original Destiny, we've had to wait a year for Bungie to potentially sort its game out.