Remember Never Alone, that little game about Native Alaskan folklore from a few years ago? The team behind the snowy puzzle platformer has returned, and its latest game swaps the tundra for the seas in Beyond Blue.

It looks a little like a more realistic ABZÛ, but the truth is that this game is a fair amount more involved than that. You play as a scientist in charge of a research team, aiming to uncover the secrets of the deep. Beyond Blue will have a story to play through as you explore the salty waters in search of weird and wonderful lifeforms. The game also features a resource management element, as you'll have to pick and choose which missions to carry out given your current status.

E-Line Media collaborated with Native Alaskans to inform Never Alone, and it's taking a similar approach with Beyond Blue. Working with ocean experts, Beyond Blue is aiming to deliver a relatively authentic underwater adventure. The BBC is also onboard, providing unseen footage from its excellent documentary series, Blue Planet II, which you'll be able to unlock. The game is heading to PS4 in 2019.

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