Kingdom Hearts PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The embargo has lifted on hotly anticipated threequel Kingdom Hearts III, and a bunch of brand new PlayStation 4 gameplay footage has dropped as a result. You’ll find two direct feed clips in this article, showing Sora sprinting up a cliff-face with his Disney friends, before he battles the Heartless in a loving recreation of Andy’s bedroom from the Toy Story franchise.

There’s still no date attached to this role-playing game, but it sounds like confirmation will come at E3 2018 – presumably during publisher Square Enix’s press conference. We must admit, technically it looks very sturdy, running at a relatively smooth 60 frames-per-second with a very clean and consistent art style.

We can’t be the only one that wished it would do away with the Final Fantasy-esque characters and just focused on the Disney heroes, though, right? Is that an unpopular opinion?

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