dynasty warriors 9 weapon dlc.jpg

In a move that is sadly nothing new for Koei Tecmo, old weapons are returning to Dynasty Warriors 9 as premium downloadable content. Dynasty Warriors 9 was torn to shreds by many a fan when it launched back in February of this year, and one of the most common criticisms was that some of the series' more interesting weapons had been taken out.

In Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, every playable character was unique, boasting their own weapon type and specific set of moves. Dynasty Warriors 9 overhauled the tried and tested combat system, and in doing so, homogenised much of the cast, lumping multiple characters with the same kind of weapons. Naturally, this didn't go down all that well.

And now fan favourite weapon types such as Zhang He's trademark claws are being sold back to players after failing to make the cut in Dynasty Warriors 9. This story has actually been rumbling on for a few weeks now, but we've been waiting to see footage of these weapons in action before calling out Koei Tecmo.

Lo and behold, the DLC weapons seem to be directly copy and pasted from the previous game, as evidenced by the below videos.

As you'd expect, both YouTube videos have more dislikes than likes.

It's all rather cynical, isn't it? As if the disappointment of Dynasty Warriors 9 wasn't bad enough, Koei Tecmo bringing unique weapons back as paid DLC is like rubbing salt into the wound.