Overwatch PS4 Mercy Charity Sony 1

Sony is underfire for purportedly taking a cut from an Overwatch skin being sold on the PlayStation Store to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Mercy outfit is available for £12.99 in the UK, but the product description states that only £10.12 will go to the charity, as that’s what Blizzard receives from your purchase.

That’s roughly a reduction of 20 per cent from the total transaction, so it’s unclear if the missing money is VAT or simply Sony’s cut. Our understanding is that the platform holder takes a 30 per cent cut from all PlayStation Store purchases, while VAT in the UK is currently set at 20 per cent.

In the US the wording is slightly different: “Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100 per cent of the proceeds that it receives from Sony PlayStation for your purchase.” Again, it’s not clear whether the company is waiving its fees or not. We’ll try to reach out to the platform holder and get confirmation of the situation, but we’re sure it’ll do the right thing in the end.

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