Push Square Readership Survey 2018

Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve always derived a perverse kind of pleasure from completing readership surveys. You could say we’re doing you a favour by presenting you with about a billion different questions about your experience on Push Square, then. While we’re pretty much already the best PlayStation website this side of Grimsby, we’re always eager to hear your feedback so that we can improve and cover more of the things you actually want us to. Like Fortnite.

Please, please take the questionnaire by clicking here. The survey comes courtesy of our not-so evil overlords over at Gamer Network, so you can blame them for any typos or technical errors. Make sure you let them know you came from Push Square, though, so they know that actual people visit this site and they’re less likely to shut us down.

Banoffee Caramel Biscuits

As a reward for all your hard work, we’ll be providing every member who completes the form with a Banoffee biscuit*. And for our American readers, we mean “biscuit” in the “cookie” sense. Not scones. Because it’s totally weird that you guys call scones biscuits and we’d very much like to complete a survey expressing our disgust at that.

Anyway, please complete the survey. Thank you so much.

* The biscuits are a lie

[source surveymonkey.com]