Over the bank holiday weekend, rumours began to circulate that the Blue Bomber's latest outing, Mega Man 11, would hit PS4 on 3rd October 2018. Well, the North American PlayStation Blog has just updated, and it turns out the game releases on 2nd October 2018. Whether it'll hit Europe at the same time or the day later is still unknown.

You can see the new title in action in the above trailer, and it's looking pretty great. Kellen Haney of Capcom took to the Blog to speak about Mega Man's newest enhancement: the Double Gear system.

"Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks, and Mega Man must tap into the evil genius’ own technology to combat eight haywire Robot Masters. The new Double Gear system allows Mega Man to increase his speed, slowing the world around him to a crawl, or power up his Mega Buster shots to blow away tough enemies. You’ll be able to tap into these new abilities from the start of the game, which can be helpful aids in tricky situations."

We're also introduced to two of the game's bosses: Block Man and Fuse Man. The former attacks by dropping, well, blocks on top of you, while the latter uses his speed and electricity beams to thwart your efforts. It's all looking rather promising from where we're sitting. You can read plenty more on the PlayStation Blog, but be sure to head on back and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Update: Mega Man 11 releases on 2nd October 2018 in Europe as well as North America.

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